Our story

Vauraus was founded to boost the funding and growth of SMEs in Finland. We also offer investors a transparent investment option with stable earnings that doesn’t correlate with the stock market.

Vauraus has intermediated crowdfunded corporate loans in Finland since 2013. We are the major operator in the industry: we have intermediated more than 200 million euros in loan funding to more than one thousand companies. We aspire to support entrepreneurship and the economic growth of SMEs.

Vauraus is regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and is registered as a Crowdfunding Intermediary with the Payment Institution license.

Are you looking for stable returns on your investment?

Invest in local SMEs. You’ll get a stable monthly return on your investment. At the same time, you’ll be supporting local entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Three reasons to invest with Vauraus

Acquire a new type of asset in your investment portfolio to help mitigate risk. Choose the investment options, risk levels and estimated returns on assets that are right for you.

Support domestic entrepreneurship and help to create well-being for the entire society. You can choose a region to invest in and support the entrepreneurship of that specific region.

You’ll get competitive returns that don’t correlate with the stock market. You can reinvest your monthly returns in new loans with our Tuotto+ automated investing service. That’s how you earn compound interest.

Start investing today


free of charge and start browsing the open and previously funded loans


in singular loans or diversify your investment according to your investment plan


is at your fingertips with our automated investing service that reinvests a percentage of your accumulated interest income in new loans


a percentage of your earnings, monthly if you wish

Loaned money accelerates growth

Determine the loan terms yourself

Prospective loan sum between 100,000€ and 8,000,000€.

Biggest in the industry

Over 1,000 loans granted. Already over 180,000,000€ in loan capital in the market.

Quick and safe

We get your growth funding in order, reliably and effortlessly.

Repayment method

You choose the repayment period for your loan.

How to apply for a loan

A quick, safe and easy way to apply for a loan.


You need to have the signatory rights of the company applying for the loan.


Fill in the information about the loan: loan amount, interest, repayment period and purpose of the loan. You’ll get a calculation of all the loan expenses. The final interest rate is determined when we have verified your company’s credit rating and have determined the project’s creditworthiness.


You’ll receive a summary of your loan application in your email, as well as login credentials and instructions on using our service.


We require a detailed description of the project for which you are applying for the loan and information about your creditworthiness as the potential loan receiver. The more details and information you include, the faster we can process your application. We need all the requested attachments to support our decision-making process. In addition to our own credit process, we check the loan applicant’s identity and credit information from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s company information database.


After approval in the credit process, your loan application will be published in our Corporate Loans marketplace. Your loan application will be valid for 60 days, during which investors can invest in the loan. You can check the status of your loan by logging in to the Corporate Loans service. After the loan is funded, we will contact you and you’ll be able to transfer the money.


You can draw on your loan if an investment of at least 25% of your desired loan amount has been offered within the 60-day loan application period. Then, you have seven days to approve the loan offered to you and to confirm the loan agreement with your electronic signature through your e-bank account. When you have accepted the loan, you’ll receive the money (minus the origination fee) in your bank account within two bank days. If you do not accept or reject the loan within seven days, the loan application and the reserved investment funds will lapse.

For institutional investors

Vauraus is the market leader in Business Loan Origination in Nordics.

For more information, please contact:
Ilkka Maulavirta, Business Director of Investments
+358 50 5959 777